Rocky Mountain Diesel

Rock-Mountain-DieselRocky Mountain Diesel (RMD) selected GLaurens Graphic and Design for a website redesign and new logo. RMD specializes in diesel engine repair in the Northern Colorado Region.

They wanted the new logo to be a graphic that would stand out at a monster truck rally or on the race track. It had to be a design that appealed to any motorhead or weekend warrior. The ideal solution was to incorporate the initials of the company into a rugged design that reflected the edginess of the Rocky Mountains. The bright green and black colors remained true to the company’s original branding.


Once the new logo was completed, the rest of the site was created around it to accent the new design. When finished, the web graphics and logo complimented each other with all graphics unique to and specific for RMD. The website is a standard HTML and CSS site that incorporates an email contact form that functions on desktop machines and mobile phones.

View live site:

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